Sphinx Astrology

Providing precise planetary calculations, and a user interface designed to be intuitive and accessible, whether experienced or a beginner, Sphinx Astrology aims to be a useful tool for students of astrology.

The Sphinx Astrology project was created around 2005 - as a Windows program, and was ported to Linux around 2007 and rewritten for GTK+. Decision to change platform to Android was made in 2015, with development continuing until 2016. Work and personal life got in the way. After five years the development is now continuing.

The main concept of this app is to make it community based, content is created, published and shared within the community. This includes interpretations of symbols such as the sun and moon, and any kind of symbol patterns associated with astrology. An advanced model has been developed for organizing patterns of symbols for this task.

A number of public profiles will be provided, such as politicians, royalty, musicians, artists, authors, etc. but users can also add personal profiles, such as family, friends and clients and share with their contacts. It will be possible to connect with contacts via Google or Facebook.

Profiles contains information for casting birth charts, and the app will also permit more advanced astrological features for casting progressions, transits, synastries and composites; however, the initial version will only allow casting basic birth charts.

Sphinx Astrology also has a widget which can be placed on the Android screen, showing the planetary positions of the current location and present time.

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